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Brighton & Eastbourne Hair Extensions

"Just a quick note to say thank you soooo much for doing such a great job with my hair at such short notice. u will probably be hearing from some of the girls there - they all asked for your card, lol"
Simone H, Portslade

"You did a brilliant job - thank you, Kate."
Christine, Brighton

"I would recommend Kate at to any girl who wants celeb quality extensions. Now that i have had it done properly, i can see what a bad job some other girls have. Might have to keep you a secret!"
Laura B, Brighton

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About Us

I am a fully qualified & insured mobile hair extension specialist based mobile in Brighton, salon based & mobile in Eastbourne, East Sussex & are now covering Battle & Hastings area too. (1 hour from London) and I cover the surrounding areas. I like to meet my clients every needs and have confidence in giving the best service possible. We are now offering Last minute bookings please email us @

There are four hair extension methods I use, all are hair friendly.

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion

Brand new method that involves NO heat and NO glue!

Ultrasonic waves are used to soften the tiny bond (made from hair protein keratin) then the bonds grips onto your natural hair ready to be formed into a pefect shaped bond without any heat. These are the smallest bonds on the market & can barely be seen.

Cold fusion bonds are incredibly strong and durable and will last a good 3 or 4 months for pre-bonds and as long as 18 months for micro.

This is a strand by strand application method like our other options. The bonds can be flat or round but both are tiny (and absolutely undetectable!).

Cold fusion is our new favoured method of attaching hair extensions.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano Ring Extensions are 90% smaller then micro rings. These are undetectable for an invisable fit. Again these are a strand by strand method that leave a natural look.

With this long lasting new method you can re use this hair if all aftercare is followed which a durability of up to 18 months. Wow.

Hot Fusion Prebonded

Hot fusion Prebonded strand by strand method, 100% human Remy hair, high quality, molt & tangle free.

The bonds are made from keratin pear extract so there is no glue involved which last up to 3,4 months, keratin is a protein in which natural hair is made.

I will take a small strand of hair from you after sectioning your hair off. I will then attach the hair extensions with a heat wand for 2 seconds then roll the bond into a small barrel & repeat the process until you get the desired look.

(Free consultation is required)

The process can take anything from 1 hour to 4 hours maybe a little bit more depending on how many strands you have fitted. You will find the prices at the bottom of this page.

Special offers on now up to £50 off full heads for a limited time only.

These hot fusion Pre bonded extensions leave a great natural look with over 57 colors, whether you would like Full head, half head, add volume, length,highlights, low lights or even some crazy color's.

Micro Rings Hair Extensions

The second method i use is the new micro rings hair extensions.

These extensions are the most hair friendly method around. There is no messy work, electrical appliances or chemicals.

The hair again is Pre bonded strand by strand with a compression ring over a layer of keratin, the keratin protects your hair while the micro rings keep the extension strand firmly in place. These are ideal for people with thin hair that are not a good candidate for the Pre bonded method.

So whether you would like full head, half head, add some volume, length, highlights, low lights or some crazy colors, we can do it.

Book a free consultation with no obligations.

For more information on the micro rings please contact us. If you are unsure about the hair extension methods please call for more information.

So, to recap, here at Lushlookinglocks Brighton & Eastbourne Hair Extensions:

  • Fully qualified and fully insured
  • Still mobile in Brighton & East Sussex
  • Now Salon based in Eastbourne still mobile prices, no salon costs.
  • NOW COVERING MOBILE IN BATTLE & HASTINGS & surrounding areas. Please get in touch for more information.
  • Four methods of Remy 100% human hair extensions
  • Ultrasonic cold fusion, Prebonded strands, Nano rings or Micro rings. You choose.
  • 100% human Remy hair, the finest grade AAA Human extensions, Plus our new Deluxe Option.
  • NO GLUE involved in any of the methods!
  • Lasts up to 3,4 month if not more
  • 57 colors to choose from & starts from 14" up to 40"
  • Prebonds 35 colors to choose from & starts from 14" up to 26" micro rings
  • Looks totally natural
  • Full head,Highlights,Low lights, add volume,half head or crazy colors
  • Easy to remove
  • FREE aftercare sheet with advice
  • FREE 6 - 7 Week maintenance check up
  • FREE consultation with no obligations
  • Straight or Wavy hair extensions
  • Both methods are totally hair friendly & will not ruin your own hair.
  • We are now also offering a deluxe option of Hair Extensions for reasonable prices.
  • Virgin Brazlian untreated Human Hair Extensions. Lasting 6- 9 months.
  • Last minute bookings now available please email

You will need to book in a free consultation with us so we can see the condition of your hair, get a perfect color match.Check your hair is long enough to cover over the bonds & to go through everything you need to know about the process

We can travel but may have to charge more depending on how far you are. We are pleased to announce that we are now covering Eastbourne & surrounding areas.

Please call or email us for more details on traveling /prices & hair extension methods

Once you have our stunning extensions applied you will receive an aftercare sheet on how to maintain fabulous locks & keep checking back on our blog tab for tips & aftercare advice which will be updated on a regular basis!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Hair Extensions

Getting hair extensions is a big investment, so we're always happy to answer any questions you may have. Here are some of the most common questions we get about our Prebonded hair, cold fusion ultra sonic , nano rings & micro rings hair extensions service...We also have a blog page with lots more information just click on our Brighton Hair Extension Blog link which is placed top left of the site next to our facebook & twitter link.....

Q: What method do you use for hair extensions?
A: I use three methods: the first and newest is the Ultrasonic Cold Fusion method which is the one I recommend the most as it makes use of the very tiniest bonds and because it uses no heat and no glue, is the friendliest bonding method for all hair extensions. It works by using ultrasonic waves to soften a tiny keratin hair protein bond that will attach the extension to your natural hair without any stress to the hair itself. The bonds are absolutely tiny and barely visible and remain strong for at least 3 or 4 months, if not more. This is for any hair type within reason.

The second method I use is the Prebonded strand by strand method that are made from keratin organic pear extract. Exactly the same as the Ultra sonic method the bonds are so small & non visable. The bonds are melted for a few seconds with a heat wand & gently rolled into a small barrel & closed. They can be mistaken for glue in extensions but these only have an organic safe bonding method so there is no sticky residue & very easy to remove without pulling out any of your natural hair. These are really popular too.

The third method is the Micro rings the most hair friendly method around, the hair is again Prebonded but rolled like a tiny lolly pop stick with the hair already attached. Then we will slide a little silicone micro ring over the layer of keratin by the roots area then clamp the ring on with a pair of pliers. The keratin protects your hair while the micro rings keeps the extension strand firmly in place.

Finally the fourth method is the latest Nano rings. These are 90% smaller then the micro ring method which are invisable. They are applied similar to the micro ring method, apart from the hair extension has a small thin metal wire which is then attatched to the tiny nano ring that will hold the extension into place. These are re usable, as long as all aftercare is followed. So these can last between a year and 18 months in most cases.

Q: How long will the hair extensions last?
A: The Prebonded hair extensions and the Ultrasonic Cold Fusion extensions can last 3 to 4 months, maybe more if looked after. Some clients get up to 5 months. Nano rings and micro ring extensions can be re-used and last for up to a year or 18 months. You should have a free maintenance check at 6,7 weeks after the hair extensions have been fitted to make sure everything's ok with your hair extensions. It is a good idea to have the check up so you can get the most out of the extensions if any of the strands have drop out by pulling them they can be re attached for both methods.

The micro ring method can last up to 4-6 months again if any drop out they can be re attached and they can also be moved back up to the root area once they grow down later on so Please ask us for prices for on pushing them back up to the root area.

Same again with the Nano ring method, these can be re attatched as long as all aftercare is followed and these can last 12-18 months. Any that drop out (which is rarely ever) or grown down can be re applied to the root area.

Q: Do the hot fusion pre bonded method have glue in these hair extensions?
A: A lot of people get confused with the pre bonded method as they look similar to the glue in extensions. The pre bonded strands do not contain any glue in the bonds. The bonds are made out of pear extract & are keratin based so they will not pull out your hair like the glue in method does. As long as your hair is strong enough & you follow all the aftercare advice correctly you will have no problems. Even with this hot fusion the heat wand used will not harm your hair as its only melts the bond for a few seconds.

Q: How do i take out the hair extensions?
A: Firstly to take out the hot fusion pre bonded method you will need some acetone (what you use to take off acrylic nails). Then place some cotton wool underneath the bonds & to protect your hair then soak the bonds with the acetone, make sure you are careful when using the acetone as you do not want it on your skin. Leave for a minute then continue the process on the remaining bonds. This is the same for Ultra sonic method but can also be clamped out.
Then get yourself a pair of pliers & crush the bonds a few times, then gently pull the hair extensions strand & brush out the remainder of the keratin its not sticky like glue so it will brush out without no pain or stress. Once you have removed all the bonds wash your hair thoroughly.

With the cold fusion micro rings method you just need a pair of pliers & open up the micro ring & pull it down with care. We do hair extension removals as this can get tricky doing it by yourself.

Q: Can i use hair straighteners & curling tongs etc?
A: You can use your hair straighteners like Ghd's or curling tongs as the hair i use is real human hair so you can style it & treat it like your own hair.
You can also use a hair dryer as long as you use the cold settings on the root area if you only have hot setting on your hair dryer just keep it an arms length away from your roots where the bonds are.

Q: Can i wash the hair extensions like my own hair?
A: Of course you can, because its real hair you can treat it as your own, i will give you an aftercare sheet to tell you what affordable shampoo's & conditioners are best to use. Do not use a scrubbing motion, gently massage your hair. Shampoo is ok to use on the bond but when using conditioner do not put any on the bonds only apply below the bonds to the ends.You will receive an aftercare sheet on the day of your hair application.

Q: Do you just sell the hair extensions on there own?
A: No i do not sell the hair ex on there own. I am a hair extension's specialist only.

Q: Can i swim with the extensions in?
A: Yes but its best to tie the hair in a bun or plait & as soon as you've finished swimming wash out the chlorine.

Q: What do i need to do in preparations for getting my new hair extensions?
A: You will be told this on the day of your consultation when you book in for your new hair extensions. You should wash your hair with a good clarifying shampoo the day/evening before your hair extension appointment. Please do not use any conditioner as this can cause the bonds to slip.Do not put any styling product on your hair either for the day of fitting.

Q: Do any of your hair extension methods ruin peoples hair?
A: This is such a popular question that seems to come up quite a lot.
We would never offer hair extensions if they were not safe. People like to make up stories & say you will loose all your hair. We would never apply hair extensions to people with badly conditioned hair. This is why consultations are so important to us.
None of our clients have ever been left bald or had their hair ruined from our hair extensions service. We are honest & will never arrange to do hair extesnions on anyone until we have seen them in person.

QDo i have to blow dry my Hair Extensions after washing?
A.  No you can let it drip dry. But its best to dry the bonds with a cold setting if you do not have a cold setting on your hair dryer then hold the dryer arms length away so the bonds do not melt. Our bonds are very strong so they stay rock hair until removal day.

Q.  I want Hair Extensions but can i go on holiday with them?
A. This is not a problem. Again follow the aftercare such as tying your hair back in a plait when swimming in the sea or swimming pool.
Always wash the chlorine / salt water out of your hair extensions straight away after swimming.  

I hope my website has answered enough questions,however please feel free to contact me, you will find my contact details in the contact us page or bottom of this page.

How much do the Hair Extensions cost?

We're proud to offer the best value hair extensions in Brighton. Plus we now can offer The finest Virgin Brazlian Hair.
**Special offers for a limited time only, call for details**

  • Full Head of New UltraSonic Cold fusion hair starts from £240 with offers Deluxe Hair starts from £310
  • Full head of Prebonded hair starts from £235 (with offer). Deluxe hair starts from £300
  • Full head of micro rings & Nano Rings start from £280 (with offer)
  • For people with thicker hair a fuller full head of micro rings start from £300 (with offer)
  • Highlights, low lights, add volume & half heads. P.O.A
  • Please note that we no longer accept £50 notes. Please make sure you have smaller notes for payment.
  • Feel like a Celebrity & why not have the Deluxe option. Or try our amazing Virgin brazilian human hair.

You can now feel like a celebrity as We are also offering a Deluxe range for affordable prices.

We only use the highest quality hair extensions around with structure & look of European hair, shine & strength of Asian hair combined with long lasting durability.

We also do virgin hair which is simply the best hair you can get, its pure untreated luxury hair, this is much more expensive & only comes in the micro rings extensions in colors brown & black. please call/email for more details.

"Please note you will "not" need to buy the hair yourself as i only use the hair i trained with as it is grade A hair.

I also provide service for removing Prebonds & micro ring from £30 per hour or free if your having a full head applied straight after taking them out.

Interested? Got Questions? Contact Kate now on 07718 832 695 between 9am til 8.30pm 7 days a week.

If you have lots of questions it may be easier to call us direct or email We also have our Online Consultation Form on the website you can book via too. Why not try it out now?


Hair inquiries & bookings only thank you

I am based in Brighton & Eastbourne East Sussex & I do travel too depending on distance.