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"Just a quick note to say thank you soooo much for doing such a great job with my hair at such short notice. u will probably be hearing from some of the girls there - they all asked for your card, lol"
Simone H, Portslade

"You did a brilliant job - thank you, Kate."
Christine, Brighton

"I would recommend Kate at to any girl who wants celeb quality extensions. Now that i have had it done properly, i can see what a bad job some other girls have. Might have to keep you a secret!"
Laura B, Brighton

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Our latest Facebook reviews. Pleasse read.

Why you should choose us Lush LooKing Locks

Ultimate Hair Extensions, why i love my job.



NEW- Please take some time in reading about what is best the look out for whilst thinking of having Hair Extensions. We see many disasters. Read our full blog here.

NEW, Take a look our Hair Extensions Before/ After, then the clients own hair after 2 years of wearing our Lush Looking Locks Hair Extensions.

BEWARE of buying hair extensions online, read on for the full story!!

What Hair can you work with ?????


Khloe Kardashian has a bad Hair day for once in her life.

If you want to go cheap then i suggest you see these Hair Extensions. Paying a bit extra cash can really make a difference.

(NEW) Why should you always make sure you choose the right company / person to fit your extensions like us for example !!!

Luiza Zissman is having a bad hair day. Check out more here.

Why does Lush Looking Locks not have a Salon ?

Has Jess got it Wright or Wrong?

Weave all about it. Our biggest supermodel Niaomi is having a mare with her hair.

Hair Extensions Disasters Please be careful.

Kim Kardashian may be a huge star but she doesnt seem to have all the luck.


Why the Aftercare on Hair Extensions is very important!!

Courney Stodden has finally gone to the dark side. After her stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house last year (2013) her blonde Hair extensions were awful.

How much are Hair Extensions ???

See Geordie Shore star Vicki Pattison new style..... & bald spots.

Wanting the Ombre Hair colour with Hair Extensions. Read on for more !

The valleys MTV star has finally ditched the platiunum weave. more info here.

WOO HOO Peter Andre touched our Hair extensions!!!!

Loving Ferne Cotton Candy Hair.

Wanna see what your hair looks like after having our Lush Looking Locks removed safely?

Bored with the same colour hair? Why not ombre your hair read on for more!

Heres are some of our products you should buy for Hair Extensions to pro long the life of the hair. Its a must have.



Are you getting married? Are you thinking about getting Hair Extesnions for your big day? Here is a blog that you may be interested in?????

We have another blog for you to show our stunning Lush Looking Locks Hair Extensions worn all the time by us, but this Lady also wore them for her WEDDING!

Are you a hair dougnut lover? Confused? Thought so.

Chloe Sims new fringe. HIT OR MISS? Thought please,.

We have some exciting new coming soon. Its going to be HUGEEEEE!

Courtney Stodden over bleached dry hair.

why you shouldnt wear your hair down in the sea? Tulisa you should know better!

Want to know how long all Hair Extensions Applications take. Here we have answered all your questions here!

Celebs needs to make an effort. Or a hair brush.

We have explained why our prices are reasonable & cheaper then salons!

What to expect from our Hair Extensions service?

We are so overwhelmed by our feedback on our testominal page. heres a blog to say Thank You.!

R.I.P to the Hair you to be have. Them days are over. Rita Ora what you think?

Rita Ora must be able to afford a hair brush. So where is it ? hehehe

What is our Brighton Celebrity doing now ? Hairalicious..

Do it like a dude. Jessie J. Well done you.!

Here are some images of Our Hair Extensions after 3 months. still looking Lush Looking!!!

We have so many people say that they do not loose one strand of our hair extesensions we have gone into detail for you.

The only way is Long or short? Lets hear your say?

New page added peeps, Its a "Hair Rescue Tab" . Please check it out!

Which celebrity do you think has the best Hair Extesnions? Why not leave a comment on our facebook page. We would love to hear your thoughts, links are on this blog.

Here is Thank you Blog for all you loyal customers / friends. !!!!

Oh god Here she goes again. Katie Price & another crazy look...

Why you should never go with a hair extensionist who has had a one day training course. We have done a special blog to explain the reasons. After years of experience we wanted to share it with you all.

Why should you choose Lush Looking Locks ? Please read carefully. Hair Extensions are our passion & we specialise in them so we know everything about looking good with natural looking hair extensions! Plesse click the link for our blog. thanks for all your support.

Here more About our Half Head Application. Please read if your thinking of having this application.

Boy with long locks have em all chopped off..

Want to know more about our Easi Lock Hair Extensions That we offer.Micro rings re usable hair too.

We would really appreciate if you could take the time to read our statement from Lush Looking Locks. Many Thanks.

Many things can go wrong when choosing an under qualified hair extensionist.

Which Kardashian Sister has the best Hair Extensions? Visit our post on facebook so we can hear your comments.!

Spanks are us. Which Kardashian has their spanxs out?

Such an inspiratation to others. We love you Katie keep up the good work.

OOOPS she did it again. What you think of Britney Spears new Hair colour? Here is our opinion & advice for people who have been dying / bleaching their hair blonde for many years.

Do Lush Looking Locks Have a Salon ? Please read our blog....

We now have a new Rescue Page for people who have had a hair extensions disaster from another company. Please read this blog & view pictures of this disaster.

Kesha looking multi coloured with her funky hair?

We are now offering Spray tans too. Heres our prices & products we are using!

Our new spray tanning page has launched read on for more details!

Did you see what happend to Sarah Harding's Hair Extensions on her visit to the This Morning Studios. Why not Take a look?

Do you Want us to style / Curl / Blow dry your hair extensions? Well this Blog is just for you!!!!

Heres our colour charts for our spray tans. So you know what colour to choose!

Another Girls Aloud Member Kimberly Walsh Hair Extensions on show!

Katie Price always does thing over the top read how many hair extensions strands she has applied?

Breast cancer awareness Please read our blog about how we can help!

The only way is Bald. Read on to hear about Jessica Wright & her bald bits!

Can i dye my Hair Extensions whilst there in? Please read our blog to explain further.

Hair extensions offer read for more on looking like a celebrity for amazing prices!

Right Ladies, We are now also offering the same Hair extensions worn by Katie Price, Lucy from Towie, Katie Piper & many more. Read on for more news about our celebrity Hair extensions we can offer as well!

Bet you dont believe how natural our extensions are do you? Check out this blog for our latestest before & after pictures!!!!!!

Our dip dye Hair Extensions work...........

We have explained our Mobile Hair Extensions Service for you!

Please like us on our new FaceBook Page & get 10% off on full heads even on top of our £50 off. WOW.

Yes people its thats time of year again. Christmas is nearly here? Get Glammed up.

Real Life Ken Doll but This Human Barbie is a fake. Also check out our deluxe hair & normal extensions prices.

Please read our statement on our services & prices. thank you

What you expect to get from our Professional Mobile Hair Extensions Service.

Here are some most frequently asked questions about the thickness of our full heads!

Can you rememeber Katie Price's Hair Extension drama ? if not read on to refresh ya memory ?

Lets make our selfs feel better & take a look at some celebrity hair extensions epic fails?

Finding it hard to pick who to let fit your Hair Extensions? Well here is our reasons why you should get your Hair Extensions applied by Lush Looking ?

We love blogging about celebrity hair disasters so heres round 2 of some more pictures for you. Read on , go on it will make you feel better.

Lets have a look at our very own Celebrity Hair Extension Queen Katie Price, read on to see her bad bits.

Fancy Jazzing up ya hair with some crazy colours without using chemicals ?????

Come on Paris Hilton your minted & we can see your weave tracks girl.

Did you see Niaomi Cambells Hair disaster in todays papers? Jeeze check it out.

The Only Way Is Big. Amy Childs do you own a mirror??

Visit our about us & prices page to learn all you need to know before committing to us.

Check out Christina Agularia just cos shes a celeb dosnt make them perfect.

So overwhelmed with out comments from our clients. Here a special blog with some of our lovely comments.

What did you think of Kerry Katona when she had her hair extensions longer? see more.

Another celeb blog about our ex The Only Way is Essex star Maria Fowler with her flat looking extensions before she heads to the salon. Here we explain how the celebs get that Big Hair look with there Hair Extensions.

Here is a special blog explaing why extensions are mainly used, where our hair is sourced from & how we can change your look in one sitting.

Not all Celebritys look good 24 hours a day. More blogs from us

Are you worried about looking after your Hair Extensions correctly?

If you are thinking of investing in some of our Hair Extensions for the summer here are some things you may want to know before hand.

We have explained in more details about our Full head Hair Extension Applications as we have a large volume of calls asking whether it will look really fake.

Are you fed up with never getting a reply for quotes etc? We dont we always answer as soon as we can.

How do you match my hair to the Extensions to get the perfect match?

Why choosing the cheaper option of Hair Extensions may cost you more in the long run.

This blog is VERY IMPORTANT so please read on about the water you use to wash your hair.

3 things you should never do with our Lush Looking Locks Hair Extensions!

What does the word "REMY" human hair extensions mean?

3 reasons why you should use serum for your Hair Extensions.

Are the Hair Extensions you use Hair Friendly?

How long does my own hair have to be before i can have Hair Extensions?

Is it ok to wash & style my own hair as normal with the Hair Extensions in?

Can i dye my hair whilst i have the Hair Extensions in ?

We always make sure our hair extensions looks totally natural so they cant be noticed read for more information

Why are some places advertsing hair extensions really cheap?

Have you had a hair cut which is not what you hoped for & need help transforming it back to how you want it? Read on for more info

What does the Pre Bonded Hair Extensions look like?

What does the Micro Ring Hair Extensions look like?

Are you using clip in Hair Extensions at the moment? Fed up with doing them every day? switch to our semi perminent ones, less stress more secure!

What is the difference between Human Hair Extensions & Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Do you want celebrity Hair Extensions for affordable prices? Stop where you are you are @ the right place!!

Are you confused about the weave in method & the strand by strand method? Heres a blog just for you ?

Bored with the same look? Want to change it up & stand out even more for the summer?

Here are some images that shows that there was not enough extensions applied. This is not our work its just an example!

Is looking after the Hair Extensions hard work & long winded? Read our blog to find out?

I have to wear my hair up for work, can you see the hair extensions when there tied up? Click here to see our picture of our hair extensions tied up!

How much notice shall we give you to book in for our Hair Extensions ? Can you do last minute appointments?

Does Lush Looking Locks offer student discounts ? Read on to find out!!!

Heres a special blog for our Hair Extension Virgins that Want to know more about the Aftercare & the maintenance before booking your hair?

This blog I have wrote for customers to understand a bit more about the after part of having extensions fitted & from us Hair Extension technicians point of view on aftercare it is important for anyone interested in having Hair ex.