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Had a hair extension disaster? Don't panic! We can rescue your hair...We cover Battle & Hastings area too now!

Had a hair extension disaster? We can rescue your hair

Have you had a bad hair extension job and need it fixed? Are you in pain because of your hair extensions? Are your extensions falling out? Do your hair extensions just look awful?

Hair extensions are a tricky business and in the wrong hands, things can go dramatically wrong.

Over the years, Lushlookinglocks - the Brighton and Eastbourne, Battle & Hastings hair extension specialists - have developed a reputation for doing hair extensions to the highest possible standard and lots of girls have come to us with hair extension disasters begging me to fix them.

Some Common Hair Extension Disasters

  • Problem 1: Do not offer to be a model for people who are training in extensions or have just had one day training course. They are not ready to go straight into the industry. This is the main problem. Go with someone with lots of experience and plenty of before/after pics. Ask plenty of questions too.
  • Problem 2: If the hair is not sectioned properly before application this can cause a lot of pain with crossed hairs. Which can cause them to matte together.
  • Problem 3: Poor quality Hair can cause frizz & be un managable hair.
  • Problem 4: Are you hair extensions falling out?

If you have had any of these kinds of hair extension disasters, don't panic. We can rescue your hair.

How we can rescue your hair extension disaster!

  • Remedy 1: We can advise you and remove them ASAP, if they're causing pain, discomfort or embarrassment!
  • Remedy 2: We can re fit you a new set that will last you months with no problems at reasonable cost, mindful that you would have already paid a fortune for your disastrous hair extensions in the first place.
  • Remedy 3: We specialise in hair extensions so we can guarantee that we can fix any hair extensions disaster you have had with another company. Even if you have matted hair we can get your hair sorted without damage. But this may not be the case for some people depending on the matting of the hair & how long they have been in for.

Here is a testimonial from Natalie after we rescued her hair following a hair extension disaster from another company:

"Kate you are a real sweetheart for seeing me at such short notice. My hair was completly ruined - this women had applied hair extensions to me and did not help me or even offer a refund.

Kate saw me FOR FREE when she didnt have to, gave me correct advice and managed to remove them safely & apply me some amazing new hair extensions. I wish I went with Kate in the first place!

Natalie, Brighton

We understand that you would have already paid an absolute fortune for the terrible hair extensions you've been landed with, so whatever solution we propose to rescue the situation will always be mindful that you've probably already blown the budget.

If you have had a hair extension disaster, come and have it rescued.

Call Kate now on 07718 832 695 9AM - 8.30PM.

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