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Best spray tanning in Brighton & Eastbourne

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We are now offering two types of Spray Tanning solutions!

Why not give up sunbeds & be safe! We all know it ages your skin & there are risks of skin cancer.

We use two tanning solutions either "LA Tanning " & "Sienna X ". Both products are 100% Organic DHA, Cruelty Free, Alcohol Free. With added Aloe Vera, White green tea extracts. The LA Tan has no smell to it. The Sienna X has a beautiful coconut smell.

No matter what, you can only go one shade regardless of the amount of tan used. This will just waste your product if you use more then the recommended dose. You should choose a darker shade if you want a darker look.


1 Spray tan of LA Tan £15 ( Book for the following week & pay £12)

1 Spray tan of Sienna X £18 ( Book for the following week & pay £15)

We have to add a £5 travelling fee if mobile in Brighton Area!

If you buy a spray tan course then we can reduce the price


Here are some of the most asked questions & advice on how to prepare for your spray tan & aftercare!

Q.What do i need to do before coming for a spray tan?

A. Exfoliate your skin, shave or wax the night before. Do not wear deodorant, perfume, aftershave or make up (mascara is ok). Do not moisturise as this will act as a barrier. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing & flip flop/sandles or trainers that wont rub the tan off. Jewelery must be removed too.

Spray Tan Aftercare Advice.

After your tan you Must not shower or bathe for at least 8 hours. Most People have their spray tans in the evening to let it develope overnight. So if you have a tan in the day. Do not shower / bathe until the next day. Avoid water or any form of exercise that may cause you to perspire for at least 8 hours. As tan develops, avoid touching or rubbing your skin.

Avoid swimming, as chlorine can affect your tan. Long hot baths, showers & excessive use of soap will cause your tan to fade quicker, pat skin dry. Moisturise regularily to maintain your tan for longer. Your tan should last between 5-7 days.


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